Popular design trends in Residential flooring

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Recently an evolution in floor design trends has taken place which is distinct to a contemporary one. Flooring is an essential part of everyone’s home décor and the industry. This change is no longer consistent but ever-changing. Correspondingly the industry experts have revealed that significant change in color and design has been seen in the market.

Several specialists have opined that people are now opting for lighter colors in comparison to darker shades. For example, some say white is the color of the year which contrasts perfectly with either dark or lightly shaded walls. It also balances the use of bold color schemes in designs. People have shown an inclination towards neutral, light and mid-tone colors. These tones even compliment sophisticated designs such as teal, coral and, turn out into extensive designs.

Colors & Design trends

Another specialist indicated that various shades of blue are also prevalent lately. This style is expected to continue in next year as well. Even metallic shades are catching up in the industry and advent of warmer tones in coming days. Other color tones include beige, browns, and grays. The latter is popular among customary and modern house owners. More and more people are open to provide a fresh look to their living spaces. The use of neutral colors in order to show the strong color via rugs, paints, etc. is one the examples. Several European color trends have entered the U.S. market over the span of time. However, beige color is trending in Europe but gray dominate the U.S markets along with Rustic, as they provide a more sophisticated guise.

Besides the color, customers also like to actually feel the product before incorporating it in their houses. The texture and surface with glossy touch are preferred. The flooring that is hand-scraped or wire brushed is dominant. Sanding is also an alternative texture that provided more of an antiquated and unique look to the product. Some even prefer low glossy finish or matte finish for surfaces. Apart from wooden floorings, tiles have also become popular. They are available in small as well as large sizes according to the requirement. These are available in light and dark shades with wooden appearance. The latest trend includes a collage of mismatched tiles even in 3D structure. Basically, designing is a personal choice and vary from people and cultures.

Perennial wood

Despite the changes in flooring trends, some people still fancy the traditional wood. In U.S. it is still the dominant fashion in commercial and industrial markets. The simplicity along with the craftsmanship involved is highly appreciated among buyers. Somehow the designers have blended the two in a classic manner leaving intact the elementary flooring design produce.

The concept of flooring design has developed manifold and we have come to see some distinct color choice and schemes lately, such as white. And it seems that white will dominate the whole year and the next too. The sizes of tiles have increased and designers have opted for monolithic patterns. Moreover, a wide assortment of textures is available in wood and laminate. Therefore, we can say that a mix and match of lighter shades with bold color furniture’s would continue in coming years.

The Interior Trends Making Headway into 2017

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There are certain things in life which keep changing season over season. The changes these things undergo are more towards improvements. Fashion and Home Interior are two fields that create awe in the minds of people. Predictions based on observations for the next year starts coming out from experts as the previous year ends. We present here some such forecasts about the Home Interior trends that would be loved in the year 2017.


Predictions say that material that creates cool environment will be done off with. Terracotta that creates warmth will replace such material to adorn the walls of bathroom and fireplaces. Terracotta will no more be used just to create borders on walls but will occupy the complete walls providing a matte finish. Matte finish Terracotta will be the most preferred not only for the warmth they provide but also for the fine finish they offer.


Cork, the material which had become an outdated one will make a comeback in 2017. Cork offers textures that decorate walls in a natural manner. Corks also provide warmth while making the environment noiseless by absorbing the noise created in the external environment. A wall made of cork also serves the purpose to be a pin board in typical office environments. Even personal spaces can get adorned with Cork.

Dark shade of Green

Dark shades of Green will be the preferred color for decorating the interiors. Be it the furniture or furnishings, adorning the rooms with ones in Dark shades of Green will add to the depth of environment. Dark green shade will drive away from Blue which was the preferred color in previous years. Dark Green shade will be preferred to adorn pillow covers, cushions, and bed heads in a majestic manner.

High raised Bed heads

The timber bead head styles will get replaced with high raised bed heads. High rise bed heads will be preferred mainly because they will add to the glamor of the bedrooms instantly. High rise bed head which is already a trend in restaurants and other public places will start adorning common public’s bedrooms too in 2017.

Homes with more open spaces

People will start drifting from homes that support all the technical gadgets making them computer pro. They will prefer to have areas that are open to sky or spaces that allow natural light and a breeze to pass through. They will also go in for furniture that offers relaxation when they fall down after a hectic work day.

Metals that will adorn homes

Colors like Blue and Pink that adorn the homes will be pushed out by metals and metallic. Opal, Lucite, and Raw-cut quartz will add to the spice of the interiors. Fabrics that is transparent in nature, sheers and floating silk materials clothing will add to the romanticism that such metals create in the interiors. The optimistic environment that such combinations provide will be preferred over the mechanical ones created by colors and would be considered as outdated.

Changing Home Décor from Summer to Fall is Easy

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Summer is gone but has left fall for us so that we can make a transition to our home décor to match the festive season. The décor should match fall themes even though you can retain some of your summer décors. But then you cannot hold back summertime interior as well exterior decorations for long, hence change over to fall themes to make your home cozier and beautiful.  To change your home décor from summer-themed to fall-themed you need not spend too much time and effort. Just read this blog and you will understand that the changeover is a lot easier than you had ever thought of.

Consider the foliage

Even as summer decoration comprises of fresh or simulated atomizers plus bouquets, autumn motivates seasonally rendered foliage, like birch boughs, pinecones as well as leaves that fall. You can foray your garden to gather reeds resembling wheat for your preferred vase, or you can utilize pinecones, gourds in addition to pumpkins as the ideal tabletop display accessory. But is you do not like to have plants in your homes or look to add something to the exterior décor then you can go in for front door garlands which have flowers sporting fall colors.

Utilize fall hues

Whilst summer normally represents shinier plus lighter shades, fall colors are thicker tones with copious shades, like hunter green, orange, navy blue, mocha and deep wine. Integrating these tinges into your furnishings will provide your home with a seasonal change. These colors can also be incorporated to your exteriors by altering the fabric color of your cushion. They will look great.

Make use of light

With the commencement of cooler climate, having adequate light in your house is particularly significant to keep your home warm and comfortable. A deliberately set floor light won’t just make you feel more conscious since it becomes darker earlier, but as well make the room feel spacious and more invigorated.

Candles are an incredible approach to bring warm light into your home. This is an extraordinary approach to brighten your home without spending additionally on power; in addition, there are a plethora of fall- stimulated scented candles to look over. Along these lines, your home can appear and a fresh fall season smell will prevail.

Fall plants

There is no better approach to help individuals to remember the months of fall than by utilizing fall plants to decorate both your homes’ interiors and exteriors. You will have show much care when you pick your fall plants because different kind of plants will need to be maintained in different ways and you may have limited time to spend. All things considered, since there are such an extensive variety of choices to be made, you will surely discover something suited to your own personal style. Regardless of the possibility that you aren’t one to refurbish regularly, these little accessions can go far in conveying a festive ambiance to your home. So you can now see that it is not very difficult for the summer to fall home décor transition.

Striking Balance: Modern Luxury Homes

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Mid-century contemporary has been a developing trend but getting the right intermingle of modern as well as luxury is no doubt a fragile balance. The best interior designers do extremely well at mixing the plain clean living of modernism with slight, lavish feel.

Why or what tends to make a home feel luxurious?

A home need not be too big or even have luxurious furnishings. On the converse, a big house can make you feel echoing and cold. Or maybe it can appear a jumbled mess, in spite of its size. While a tiny space can have an extravagance boutique hotel feel about it. There is only one secret and that there are quite a lot of elements which helps in giving a home a luxurious appearance. Hence I felt that I ought to share my idea of making a home feel luxurious.


This is not similar to having a big house. Relatively, it is homes in which you will feel that you have enough space to move and breathe. Clutterless and good storage plus trying not to pack too much furniture help a lot. It is all about working with the magnitude of the room.


When you walk into a room which has ample light it will make you feel good and provides a roomier look. Furthermore, if the windows are big then substituting it with some intelligent lighting is a good idea. However, balance is the explanation. It should not appear to be very bright or even bleak.


Light plus dark, inflexible plus supple, jagged plus flat, natural plus synthetic, primeval plus contemporary difference adds attention that stimulates our senses. If a room is fully white with one shade and same kind of materials then it may appear to be cold. However when subtle shades all with different materials are added the ambiance of the room is overall special.


Very closely linked to disparity is a balance. An insurgence of diverse shades plus designs in a room can induce a headache. The room will appear gaudy when garnishes made of metal and furnishings are overused. Nevertheless, if a colorful decorative carpet takes the center space of a neutral room then it will completely change the interior. To simply append a touch of luxury use some clever metallic accents.


Take some inspiration from nature and try to bring outside into the rooms. Add plants to provide the empty spot of a room with vibrancy. When elements from nature are added they bring life to a room.


Senses of scent have an influential effect. A perfume can upshot or augment our frame of mind. But sometimes they can prove to be a direct negative stimulation. It is easy to imitate the effect of a luxurious hotel scent in a home with a perfumed candle or diffuser. Yet again it is concerned with balance.

And maybe delicacy is what connects all these parts jointly.  A lavish home is not one that yells ‘glance at me!’ – as it need not do so.


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