Belonging to the same time

Contemporary or “belonging to the same time” describes a style of interiors that makes good use of a casual outlook, smooth lines and plenty of light. As opposed to a modern style or a futuristic style, some elements of contemporary style have been passed down from generations to generation down the line. It is a beautiful melange of eras and makes for an utterly interesting space. It often mixes materials such as natural and manmade or uses contrasting color palettes to create unique environments. Below we describe a few combinations that you can try to achieve an impeccable contemporary design.

Using contrast

A very classy way of contemporising your space is by mixing dark hues with lighter ones. Rich deep hues of hardwood flooring can be matched dark furniture, white walls and one main lighter colored element like a rug, metallic centre table or fire place. Notice the addition of beautiful lighting that can instantly glamorise and accent the space.

Combine mediums

Using natural material such as wood and stone alongside man-made ones such as steel and glass create a bold and striking look that stands out from your usual designs. The super chic room pictured below uses dark wood cabinets, window borders and dark ceramic pieces alongside sleek and brutal golden metal furniture and fixtures. This creates an elegant design that is hard to forget.

Going Colorful

While most contemporary space designs are all about the use of white and neutral tones, we know for a fact that color, when used cleverly, can add magic to any room. Choosing trending colors is a way of letting the feel of your era seep into your environment. These uber classy rooms below play with the addition of just one or two colors in furnishing and accessories with lighter walls and dark furnishing to create a look you’ve never seen before.

Channeling your country love

Your love for country style home decor does not have to be suppressed just because you want to give your room a contemporary twist. See how the room below uses beautiful light hardwood flooring, paired with a light marble counter and metal lighting to bring in the modern look. It uses elegant metal chairs that capture the neutral and fresh feel of a country home. The use of bright colors and loading up the space with plants and succulents will make your room a guaranteed success.

Contemporary style is casual and has no strict dictum. Instead, you can feel free to mix and match media, colors and elements from across the timeline. Follow your own sense of aesthetics and most importantly, “you do your”. This ensures that not only do you end up with a strikingly interesting space, but also that everyone’s arrangement is unique by way of personality. For professional guidance refinishing your hardwood flooring, give us a call on (888)869-0663 or visit our website

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