Position Description:

Platinum Flooring Company is in search of an experienced Quality Manager, who would ensure that our curated product range meets all necessary requirements before they reach our customers. You would be responsible for managing the quality assurance and maintaining the necessary quality assurance systems that will keep a track of the required product quality levels. Inspecting the final installed product to make sure it has been carried out adhering to legal compliance and standards as well as meeting customer expectations, would be one of the key role areas for the position.

As you would be role modeling an important leadership quality, it would be of vital importance for you to fully understand the customer needs and have a sense of responsibility towards our clients as well as the company. An eye for details enables the manager to sense where the opportunity lies and act accordingly. This quality brings out a quest for quality that would help products excel.


  • Understand customer needs and requirements to help develop effective quality control.

  • Device and review specifications for products or processes.

  • Set requirements for raw material or intermediate products from suppliers and monitor their compliance.

  • Ensure adherence to health and safety guidelines as well as legal compliance.

  • Supervise inspectors, technicians and other staff and provide guidance and feedback.

  • Oversee all product development procedures to identify deviations from quality standards.

  • Inspect the final output and compare properties to requirements.

  • Approve the right products and reject defects.

  • Keep accurate documentation and perform statistical analysis.

  • Solicit feedback from customers to assess whether their requirements are met.

  • Submit detailed reports to appropriate executives.

  • Be on the lookout for opportunities for improvement and develop new efficient

Job Summary:

  • Position:Quality Manager / Foreman.
  • Company: Platinum Flooring Company.
  • Job Location(s):Hayward, CA.
  • Start Date:As soon as possible.
  • Employment Term:Regular.
  • Employment Type:Full Time.
  • Education:Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Experience: 10+ years as quality manager.


Platinum Flooring Company is looking for a responsible supervisor who possess technical knowledge on flooring products and installation techniques along with understanding the basic principles of management like planning, organizing, directing, motivating and controlling. As a supervisor, you would have to work in situations which involve authority, leadership, meeting targets, deadlines and conflicts. An ideal candidate is a competent individual with the ability to guide and train employees and co-workers. Being results-driven and focused are two important qualities of a successful supervisor.


  • Set goals for team performance.

  • Set project deadlines that would comply with company’s plan of action and vision and communicate them to subordinates.

  • Organize workflow by delegating tasks and ensure that employees understand their duties or KRAs.

  • Monitor employee productivity and provide constructive feedback and training.

  • Handle complaints responsibly and resolve problems.

  • Maintain timekeeping and personnel records.

  • Pass on information from upper management to employees and vice versa.

  • Prepare and submit performance reports.

  • Decide on reward and promotion based on performance.

  • Hire and train new employees.

  • Ensure adherence to legal and company policies and procedures and undertake disciplinary actions if the need arises.

Job Summary:

  • Proven experience as supervisor or relevant role.

  • Familiarity with company policies and legal guidelines pertaining to the field.

  • Ability to learn new jobs and undertake responsibilities.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Outstanding organizational and leadership skills.

  • Good knowledge of MS Office.

  • Diploma/Certificate in first line management or relevant field.

  • High school diploma; BSc/BA in management or relevant discipline will be considered anadvantage.


Platinum Flooring Company is looking for an estimator on commission basis, who would work closely with the Sales and Marketing team and help them prepare cost estimates by analyzing proposals and requirements. As an experienced estimator, ability to understand all installation types, different variety of wood flooring options along with all installation process and specifications is a must for this post.He should be able to visualize three dimensional projects based on the client requirement and with his practical knowledge and good organizational ability communicate his estimates with logical reasoning and clear presentation to the client.


  • Prepare estimates for the proposed work by gathering blueprints, product specification,installation process involved and related documents.

  • Work closely with the installation team in Identifying labor, product to be installed, the timerequired for completion of installation and related activities.

  • Would compute costs by analyzing labor involved, product to be installed, and timerequirements for completion based on the installation process.

  • Resolves discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information.

  • Presents prepared estimate by assembling and displaying numerical and descriptive information.

  • Maintains cost database by entering and backing up data.

  • Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing technical publications.

  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

job Summary:

  • Analyzing Information at hand.
  • Estimating, Planning and Reporting Research Results.
  • Data Center Experience.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Teamwork with good communication skills.


We at Platinum Flooring Company are looking for a competent Journeyman who can coordinate operations and oversee workers at the construction sites effectively. As a journey understanding of various types of the installation process, quest to explore solutions for challenges during installation would be a key quality to be considered during selection. As a journey having a solid background in the field of operations and flooring installation processes is a must. Your leadership skills and extensive on field experience would help you make quick decisions and overcome any installation challenge.


  • Coordinate tasks according to priorities and plans.

  • Produce schedules and monitor attendance of work force.

  • Allocate general and daily responsibilities.

  • Supervise and train workers and tradespeople.

  • Ensure manpower and resources are adequate.

  • Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met.

  • Supervise the use of machinery and equipment.

  • Monitor expenditure and ensure it remains within budget.

  • Resolve problems when they arise.

  • Report on progress to managers, engineers etc.

Job Summary:

  • Required experience: 6+ years.

  • Company: Platinum Flooring Company.

  • Job Type: Seasoned Installer.

  • *Must have his own mode of commutation and installation tools.

  • Compensation: $20 – $30.


We at Platinum Flooring Company are looking for an Apprentice / Assistant to help assist the installer with the installation of various types of flooring material in buildings and structures of varying size and application according to customer specifications.


  • Inspect and clean surface for preparation of material installation.

  • Measure area to determine the amount of materials needed.

  • Correct defects such as a sub-floor that is unleveled or contains rotted wood.

  • Sweep, scrape, sand, or chip dirt and irregularities from base surfaces, and fill cracks with putty,plaster, or cement grout to form smooth foundation.

  • Cut flooring materials.

  • Use adhesive to glue material to floor.
  • Unroll and install polyethylene film.

  • Install padded underlayer to reduce noise.

  • Install floor covering and ensure there are no cracks.

  • Clean up leftover adhesives.

  • Mop up floors and inspect finished product for flaws.

  • Replace any defective flooring material.

  • Supervise flooring assistants.

  • Work with carpenters, carpet installers, architects, engineers, and other workers to get appropriate job specs.

  • Must have in hand knowledge of various tools required during floor installation and be able to prepare the job site with any hassle before installation.

Job Summary:

  • Required experience: 2+ years.
  • Company: Platinum Flooring Company.
  • Job Type: Helper / Assistant.
  • Compensation: $15 – $20.

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