Belonging to the same time

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Contemporary or “belonging to the same time” describes a style of interiors that makes good use of a casual outlook, smooth lines and plenty of light. As opposed to a modern style or a futuristic style, some elements of contemporary style have been passed down from generations to generation down the line. It is a beautiful melange of eras and makes for an utterly interesting space. It often mixes materials such as natural and manmade or uses contrasting color palettes to create unique environments. Below we describe a few combinations that you can try to achieve an impeccable contemporary design.

Using contrast

A very classy way of contemporising your space is by mixing dark hues with lighter ones. Rich deep hues of hardwood flooring can be matched dark furniture, white walls and one main lighter colored element like a rug, metallic centre table or fire place. Notice the addition of beautiful lighting that can instantly glamorise and accent the space.

Combine mediums

Using natural material such as wood and stone alongside man-made ones such as steel and glass create a bold and striking look that stands out from your usual designs. The super chic room pictured below uses dark wood cabinets, window borders and dark ceramic pieces alongside sleek and brutal golden metal furniture and fixtures. This creates an elegant design that is hard to forget.

Going Colorful

While most contemporary space designs are all about the use of white and neutral tones, we know for a fact that color, when used cleverly, can add magic to any room. Choosing trending colors is a way of letting the feel of your era seep into your environment. These uber classy rooms below play with the addition of just one or two colors in furnishing and accessories with lighter walls and dark furnishing to create a look you’ve never seen before.

Channeling your country love

Your love for country style home decor does not have to be suppressed just because you want to give your room a contemporary twist. See how the room below uses beautiful light hardwood flooring, paired with a light marble counter and metal lighting to bring in the modern look. It uses elegant metal chairs that capture the neutral and fresh feel of a country home. The use of bright colors and loading up the space with plants and succulents will make your room a guaranteed success.

Contemporary style is casual and has no strict dictum. Instead, you can feel free to mix and match media, colors and elements from across the timeline. Follow your own sense of aesthetics and most importantly, “you do your”. This ensures that not only do you end up with a strikingly interesting space, but also that everyone’s arrangement is unique by way of personality. For professional guidance refinishing your hardwood flooring, give us a call on (888)869-0663 or visit our website

Create art out of leftover flooring

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The meteoric build up of scrap wood from the expensive flooring that you bought can be heart wrenching. Since the leftovers, take up serious storage space, they usually dump in the trash can and it is a goodbye forever. With more and more designer turnings to scrap to turn them into stunning contemporary pieces of art, your house too can follow the trend and be the talk of the town.

Painted Floorboard Wall Art

Floorboards not only looking stunning, they make a gorgeous canvas. Glue the floor boards together and paint on top to create a chic painting for your home. Using a single color and minimalistic design can make the artwork look like an authentic masterpiece.

Rustic Kitchen Ware

You might have seen gourmet restaurants experimenting with their plating by using unconventional and quirky serving equipment. Make the cutest serving boards for cheese or bread by cutting up the extra floorboards.

Look at Ariele’s creation of the same here.

Mirror Mirror!

Mirrors bring with them minimalism and class that other home decor seldom can. A bare wall can liven up instantly with a life sized mirror. Use the floorboards to make a frame for the mirror that goes perfectly with your spectacular flooring.

Picture perfect

A home is a place for memories and filling your walls with picture frames of your precious moments makes the house special and cozy. Just like the mirror, use the extra flooring wood to make gorgeous picture frames. Look at the tutorial by Persa Lou and get inspired.

Home essentials

You can make your home beautiful with not just picture frames and painting, essentials such as clothes pegs can be stunning too. Buy a few vintage door knobs or hooks and screw them to a piece of extra floorboard. You’ll make yourself a beautiful peg bar that you wouldn’t want to hide behind a door.

Ways to lighten up a dark colored bedroom

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The start of a day pretty much marks how you feel for hours to follow. Waking up in a dull groggy bedroom has the potential of killing any peppy morning energy whereas waking up in a bright happy room can banish lethargy and have you up and running in no time. Dark colors are often used to make spaces feel intimate, mysterious and dramatic but they can very easily turn the room gloomy if not used properly. The color of your room and the natural light it receives are major factors in influencing the mood of its occupants. If you are someone who wants to keep the dark colors of your bedroom but would still like it to feel inviting, here are some tips to add lighter features to your room in all the right places.

  1. Choose a lighter flooring

If you are fan of dark wall colors, beware that they might make your room feel closed and tight. Balancing the dark walls with light flooring or a bright carpet and rug gives the room some breathing space and makes it more airy. Flooring can be complemented with a similarly light colored or a neutral colored ceiling to further open up the room visually.

  1. Utilise natural lighting

Natural lighting plays a huge role in making your room feel fresh and welcoming. When the sun is up, maximise the light in your room by choosing sheers that rob direct sunlight of its harshness and accompany it with lightweight, neutral colored drapes over the windows. For night or evening time, make use of beautiful sconces or even better, an elegant chandelier. Light, whether natural or artificial, makes the difference between a dark lair and a lively room that is a joy to live in.

  1. Contrast your accessories

If you would like to keep your bedroom dark colored but don’t want to resort to completely dark walls, think about introducing some dark accessories instead. Consider getting a light colored wallpaper and contrasting it with dark wall art, dark bedroom furniture and other furnishings in dark shades to add a healthy visual balance while keeping the look you so desire.

  1. Use brighter bedding

Any discussion about bedroom decor would be incomplete without a few words about the bedding. After all it makes up the focal point of your bedroom and acts as a visual anchor too. Light colored linens in an otherwise dark room can make it seem all the more inviting. Get creative and coordinate your pillow collection, comforter, blankets and pillow shams to add some much needed pizzazz to the room.

Sophistication, an air of privacy and a romantic ambience are some of the reasons people might want a dark bedroom as opposed to a lighter one. Whatever your reason, using the tips we’ve outlined above, you never have to compromise on waking up to a bright and welcoming room every morning.

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