Flooring texture: Ideas and developments

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There has been a shift in the trend of the flooring industry as a whole. The people’s choice is no longer bound to the stereotypical colors. They are looking forward to experiment and prefer to have a more natural appearance in their homes. Many people have opted for wooden floorings, that meaning synthetic textured floorings. These floorings resemble exactly the designs that a natural wood will contain and look very authentic. Today, we will discuss certain questions with our expert, Alex Vongsouthi – Founder Platinum Flooring Company on this subject to better understand the concept, further helping in selecting the best-textured hardwood floors for decorating and enhancing the household space.

Q: Would you enumerate to us the design concept of texture in hardwood as it’s quite ubiquitous?
Expert: The primary concept is how to fashion and design the texture. The implementation could be performed on two types of boards: distressed, involving machine work and hand scraped, done manually by hand. However, there are two other methods, i.e. 2D and 3D (on a surface using 3D decoration procedure). All these techniques have pushed the realism to a whole new level. The floorings are identical and imaginable to the natural wood. Moreover, the floorings are laminated for superior finishing and longevity.

Q: What recent styles have you noticed that are prominent?
Expert: Lately, my team has seen that people have the inclination towards authentic and easy to blend designs. The flooring should also match with the interiors of the households, as too much of wood can lead to misbalance in harmony. Some go for original woods like in cottages and cabins, whereas in cities, it’s mostly synthetic but natural hardwoods.

Q: What recent styles have you noticed that are prominent?
Expert: Lately, my team has seen that people have the inclination towards authentic and easy to blend designs. The flooring should also match with the interiors of the households, as too much of wood can lead to misbalance in harmony. Some go for original woods like in cottages and cabins, whereas in cities, it’s mostly synthetic but natural hardwoods.

Q: What recent styles have you noticed that are prominent?
Expert: Lately, my team has seen that people have the inclination towards authentic and easy to blend designs. The flooring should also match with the interiors of the households, as too much of wood can lead to misbalance in harmony. Some go for original woods like in cottages and cabins, whereas in cities, it’s mostly synthetic but natural hardwoods.

Q: That is interesting!! How many types of flooring do you provide the customers?
Expert: There are various kinds of flooring that we offer to our customers. Basically, they are based on the designs that appear on the wood: Solid, these have plain but have color variations. It is suitable for a subtle guise; Engineered, are done by machines or hand work; Laminate, as suggested these come with a lamination and can have both rugged and shiny finishing; Bamboo, have long blurry stripes in various color tones; Unfinished wood, have the natural form of a wood designs with knots. Similarly, there are some more varieties of floorings.

Q: Lastly, do you have any preferred concept and design since you have so many customers?
Expert: Though I like all designs because they are varied in aspect and material. But the one I prefer is hand scraped textured flooring involving bamboo, engineered, and unfinished woods, because it actually allows me to work with my imagination and craft unique floorings patterns like clams, shells, feathers, etc. Also, it helps me explore possible designs that could blend in with the interiors and thus offer the same to the customers. The wood should have a story of its own and make one feel in coherence with it.

Create art out of leftover flooring

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The meteoric build up of scrap wood from the expensive flooring that you bought can be heart wrenching. Since the leftovers, take up serious storage space, they usually dump in the trash can and it is a goodbye forever. With more and more designer turnings to scrap to turn them into stunning contemporary pieces of art, your house too can follow the trend and be the talk of the town.

Painted Floorboard Wall Art

Floorboards not only looking stunning, they make a gorgeous canvas. Glue the floor boards together and paint on top to create a chic painting for your home. Using a single color and minimalistic design can make the artwork look like an authentic masterpiece.

Rustic Kitchen Ware

You might have seen gourmet restaurants experimenting with their plating by using unconventional and quirky serving equipment. Make the cutest serving boards for cheese or bread by cutting up the extra floorboards.

Look at Ariele’s creation of the same here. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/before-after-floorboards-to-ch-162287

Mirror Mirror!

Mirrors bring with them minimalism and class that other home decor seldom can. A bare wall can liven up instantly with a life sized mirror. Use the floorboards to make a frame for the mirror that goes perfectly with your spectacular flooring.

Picture perfect

A home is a place for memories and filling your walls with picture frames of your precious moments makes the house special and cozy. Just like the mirror, use the extra flooring wood to make gorgeous picture frames. Look at the tutorial by Persa Lou and get inspired.

Home essentials

You can make your home beautiful with not just picture frames and painting, essentials such as clothes pegs can be stunning too. Buy a few vintage door knobs or hooks and screw them to a piece of extra floorboard. You’ll make yourself a beautiful peg bar that you wouldn’t want to hide behind a door.

Hardwood flooring, the rustic way

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Design trends tend to oscillate from time to time. Things fall in and out of fashion and then back in again. So too, the trend in interior design is shifting back towards giving hardwood flooring a more rustic and hand-crafted look. Something about its texture gives character to the flooring which in turn lends to the room a warmth and a pleasant nostalgia. If you too are looking for flooring which seems to gently whisper “Ah, the good old days!”, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Textures
Texture is one of the main ingredients in rustic flooring. It stimulates and captivates our senses of touch and sight. Its pronounced grain pattern gives a beautiful canvas to place your décor on. You can implement rich textures into your flooring with two types of boards, distressed boards and hand-scraped boards, the difference between the two being that the former is worked upon by a machine while the latter by hand. Distressed boards are stained and have subtle distressing techniques applied in order to simulate the look and feel of naturally aged hardwood floors. There is also the option of hand-scraped boards which, although more expensive, offer rich and natural character markings on the boards, produced by the handiwork of expert artisans. Both of these types come in various species such as birch, maple, oak and hickory.

2) Colors
Color palettes of hardwood floors too flow with the tide of overall trends. Hardwood floors, which have been for a few decades tending towards darker and darker shades, are now receding towards the more natural, earthy mid-tones. There could be a few reasons for this, one of them being the desire to bring the colors of nature into our homes. Lighter honey and golden hues within the home give it a spacious atmosphere while darker hues like deep reds and browns give it an elegant and mysterious air.

3) Wide and uneven boards

While planks have gotten narrower in present years, wider planks are reminiscent of the country side cottages and cabins. This combined with uneven board lengths paint the perfect rustic picture for all who desire it.

Whether you prefer the modern look or vintage, you can be sure that we, at the Platinum Flooring can nail it down just right. We are devoted to not only delivering quality flooring but also wholesome experiences in keeping with the trends. For professional guidance and assistance call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit http://store.platinumflooringcompany.com.

What suits you better – Light Wood or Dark Wood?

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Hardwood flooring is perennially in style. It is akin to a blank canvas, on top of which your furnishings are the brush strokes. Just as artists carefully hand-select and prepare canvasses to their taste, you too need to exercise care and judgment when it comes to choosing your flooring. Different types of flooring can drastically change the atmosphere of your house depending on how well it gels with the walls and myriad furnishings your home accommodates. As daunting as it sounds, you need not be an interior designer to add beauty to your home. Below are some tips to help you decide on the look of your flooring.

  1. Let your current decor inspire you

Flooring doesn’t stand by itself. It has its context of walls, finishing’s, furniture and fittings. These furnishings ground your choice of wood so that the different parts of your house complement each other. This will create a seamless palette, making the sum greater than its parts. Furthermore, you can highlight select pieces in accent colors to draw attention to them.

  1. Choose a wood flooring style

If your furniture sports a more modern and contemporary look, sleek and highly polished floorboards can help bring out the sharpness of the curves or edges, serving to accentuate the mood. If you are looking for a more rustic, rugged and timeless look for your room, choose floor boards with more knots and grains. Darker boards with rich hues go beautifully with traditional homes whereas lighter, glossy boards can impart a chic ambiance.

  1. Choose a light or dark theme

Lighter colored flooring makes a house look more spacious whereas the dark flooring gives it a more dramatic feel with a more “quaint” feeling. For the same reasons, keep in mind the amount of natural light your house receives while deciding the color.

  1. Choose to complement or contrast

There are no hard and fast rules about what your flooring should look like. There are two routes you could go – you could choose to complement the existing furnishing or could choose to contrast it. Both options have the potential to make your home look dreamy, but remember that it is a balancing act. If everything looks the same around the house, you run the risk of having too much of a good thing. On the other hand, if there is too much contrast between the flooring, walls and furnishings, it might turn out too busy on the eye.

And finally, ask your friends and family what they think. You will find that it makes for a lively debate. For professional guidance and assistance call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit http://store.platinumflooringcompany.com.

The Difference Between American and European Oak

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As you shop for hardwood to adorn your floors, it fascinating to look at all the different species of woods with their plethora of shades and hues. Domestic or exotic, it is easy to get lost gazing at all the different kinds of whorls, grains and rings. On more than one occasion our patrons have found themselves intrigued by the subtle differences between American oak and European oak. While the similarities are many, they are not without their own set of distinct characteristics.

The first and most obvious difference lies in their source. American oak, also available as Red oak and White oak, is sourced predominantly from eastern North America. European oak on the other hand, is a hardwood native to large swathes of Europe such as England, Germany and France. Both of these varieties are classified as “White” oaks and many of these specimens are several centuries old.

Grain pattern
American oak is host to a larger grain and growth rings as compared to its European counterparts. If the grain pattern is straight and subtle, the board you’re looking at is probably American oak. On the other hand if it is wavy and distinctive, it is probably European oak.

Colour tone and variation
The colour tone of European oak tends to be ever so slightly darker than American oak. The tone of European oak also tends to be more consistent across boards while American oak can show great differences between boards. This can be attributed to the fact that there are several variations of American oak.

Ammonia fuming is a wood finishing process that darkens the wood while bringing out the grain pattern. European oak fumes rather well, turning from its usual golden honey colour to a rich walnut colour. American oaks, when fumed, give inconsistent results.

Finishing and refinishing
From a technical standpoint, there are differences in the techniques used to finish and refinish the wood. American oak requires a polyurethane finish whereas the European oak prefers a natural oil finish. As a polyurethane finish wears away and loses lustre, it needs to be sanded off and a fresh finish reapplied. A natural oil finishes don’t need to be sanded away; it only requires the regular application of maintenance oil in order to keep its integrity.

With this, we hope we’ve brought greater clarity to the distinguishing and unique characteristics of these two wonderful species. For further guidance, assistance or information give us a call on (888)869-0663 or visit our website platinumflooringcompany.com.

Can you change the color of hardwood flooring

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There are many reasons why one might want to change the color of hardwood flooring, practical or otherwise. A practical reason would be to get the old flooring to match some new flooring that is freshly laid down. Maybe you are just someone who loves to change things around every once in awhile, to keep up with the latest trends and such and such. The good news is that hardwood floors can be stained, restained or bleached as often as you can sand and refinish them. You can make it lighter, darker or even change the color tone to get a completely new look. Here is a quick guide on how to go about it.

1. Know your flooring

Solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished multiple times over. It is very rarely the case that it is too thin and worn out (this takes a couple of decades at the least) to be sanded. Engineered hardwood however, can or can’t be refinished depending on the thickness of the top hardwood layer and also the way it was installed. Floating floors cannot be refinished. Wood is usually stained to make it darker. So the lighter the natural color of your wood, the greater the palette of stains for you to choose from.

2. Sanding

The hardwood flooring is sanded (typically up to 3 times) for it to be able to absorb and retain the stain for a longer lasting look. When the flooring is sanded, it essentially looks like new natural hardwood.

3. Staining

It is important to understand that every flooring is different based on the age, species and grade of the wood. A color chip or sample can never do justice as the stain will react differently to every flooring. Choose a wide range of stains and try out and sample each stain on your own flooring before settling on one.

4. Polyurethane coat
Adding a coat of Polyurethane is that last step to refinishing the flooring. Polyurethane comes in a variety of finishes (matte, glossy, semi glossy or satin) and can be chosen as per your personal predilection. Around 2 to 3 coats of polyurethane needs to be applied. Assuming that an oil based polyurethane is used, each coat takes 24 hours to dry, absorb better and last longer.

5. Lightening
Hardwood flooring can be made lighter by either whitewashing or bleaching the flooring. The lightest you are recommended to go is the natural color of the wood (i.e the color achieved after three sandings) because the bleach and whitewash often reacts with the resins and oils from the floor and can look blotchy.
Take note that it is very important to sand the flooring in order to change it’s color. If finished floors are painted or stained on top, the stain will peel off, look patchy and not last long.

We at Platinum Flooring Company, Hayward, CA provide professional service and guidance for anything related to hardwood flooring. For any queries regarding the refinishing of your flooring call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit http://store.platinumflooringcompany.com

Why you should consider going eco-friendly?

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Being eco-friendly is not a matter of just changing a particular habit like just eating organic vegetables or using chemical free cosmetics. “Going Green” is a frame of mind in which a person strives to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Eco-friendly not only has positive effects on the environment, but it means that your body is in contact with lesser chemicals, you digest wholesome food without bio-magnified toxins and you can breathe cleaner air. With this trend picking up steam, almost all major industries are looking at reducing their carbon footprints and shifting to greener ways of producing their products. The lumber industry is no exception. Professionals are now paying special attention to eco-friendly woods, such as bamboo and cork, and too recycled woods as well.

Our homes are a splitting image of our personalities and if you are conscious about eco-friendly products then for sure, you have thought of finding a substitute for every chemically loaded brick and mortar if not running away into the mountains to live in a tree house or cabin. We at Platinum Flooring Company, Hayward, CA are here to help. We offer the best flooring options and take pride in presenting to our customers the SLCC brand of eco-friendly flooring options. This beautiful collection of wood flooring boasts the highest standard of sustainability and exceptional durability. SLCC Wood Flooring is made in facilities with state-of-the-art technology, tastefully melding traditional woodworking techniques with the latest and greatest in manufacturing technology. The wood is sourced from forests that are properly maintained and are not in danger of depletion.

For professional guidance and assistance call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit http://store.platinumflooringcompany.com

Exotic Hardwood flooring

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Hardwood flooring comes as a major investment for home décor and one decision you are inevitably faced with is the choice between domestic and exotic wood. Any wood that is not native to North America is considered exotic. Exotic hardwood floors are renowned for their intense color and rich grain texture, not to mention their superior hardness. Here are three of our favorite options from the exotic section of our catalogue.

  1. Sapele – A Sapele hardwood floor is as elegant as the Sapele tree is tall. The Sapele hardwood is often referred to as African Mahogany and indeed often substituted for Mahogany. The sapwood is a pallid yellow in stark contrast to the ruddy brown of the heartwood. The grains of this tall tree are either straight or interlocked giving it stunning patterns depending on how it is sawn. For example, a quarter sawn board’s interlocking grains align giving rise to striking ribbon striping. Sapele only gets more popular as more people become aware of it and it is difficult to go wrong with this choice.
  2. Walnut – Walnut wood is characterised by its deep nutty brown hue which goes best with complimenting lighter coloured home décor. When done right it can have a very sophisticated air about it and it lends that sophistication to any room it graces. It used to exclusively belong in classical interiors, the stuff of aristocrats, but thanks to contemporary fashion it has been making a mark everywhere. Be it an old French library or a chic new jazz restaurant, this has become the go to flooring option. But tread with caution, because when it comes to hardwood, walnut lies on the softer side.
  3. Brazilian Cherry – The Brazilian cherry is an enchanting exotic hardwood that hosts a fantastic range of colors – a rich orange to a deep reddish brown hue, mixing together like galaxies in grains that run straight or form beautiful floral swirls. The Brazilian Cherry is extremely hard, almost 80% harder than the red oak which makes it highly durable, a universally coveted quality among flooring options. This wood is also an eco-friendly option when harvested sustainably. Like good wine, Brazilian Cherry hardwood only gets better with age, making it ideal for clients looking into a long term investment.

Why is White Oak Hardwood flooring beautiful?

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While remodeling the house, people often have a certain mood in mind that they want their house to reflect. Looking through stacks and stacks of narrow boards has not helped. It all feels a bit too formal; it’s just not what you had in mind. If that’s the case it might be a good idea to consider a wide plank flooring option, specifically the wide plank White Oak. People often hesitate to even consider the wide plank variety. While there are a few legitimate concerns, we submit to you that the wide plank White Oak is misunderstood, if we may, widely.

Wide plank refers to boards that are wider than five inches. Among the ranks of the wide plank boards is the White Oak variety. The White Oak hardwood is a gorgeous wood variety which comes from trees that grow in colder climates which impart a lighter color to the wood. The wood has some unique whitish, yellowish and sometimes even greenish undertones that are starkly different from the usual darker brown, red and deep cherry of its oak cousins.

Wide plank flooring however, comes with some amazing advantages of its own.

  1. Wide plank flooring is available in exotic wood options because of its more intense colour and grain giving your house a rich character.
  2. While narrow boards are sawed with the intention of avoiding knots, this is not the case with wide boards. The knots add to the rustic and natural feel of the boards.
  3. Wider planks result in fewer seams making the flooring extensive and allows the room to look a lot more spacious. Fewer seams in the flooring also impart a calmer feel to the space.
  4. Wide plank flooring has the option of using restored and reclaimed wood. Therefore it is a great option for people looking for greener and environment friendly options.
  5. Wide planks and longer boards make installation quicker and much simpler.

It must be said however that wide planks are often more susceptible to the effects of humidity and dryness. It can either cup or crown or shrink, revealing gaps in between. While there are things you can do to minimize these effects, more often than not, people who install these floors are people who prioritize character over perfection. To that end there is no equal to the wide plank’s rustic appearance and irresistible charm. In fact any cupping or gaps that might occur only add to the character of the flooring. Here are a couple of other points to keep in mind before installing the wide plank flooring.

  1. In extremely dry or humid environments cupping, crowning and gaps can be significantly reduced by installing temperature and humidity control in these spaces.
  2. Since the cost of flooring planks is usually calculated in proportion to the width of the plank, wide plank flooring can turn out to be more expensive than a narrow board.

White Oak hardwood is gaining more and more popularity among the modern designers because of its unique look. This wood variety apart from being extremely durable offers some exotic nutty brown hues with soft and intricate swirls in it’s grain. These advantages and the sheer exclusivity of wide plank flooring makes the White Oak hardwood flooring one of our favourite flooring options. For professional guidance and advice for the use of White Oak Hardwood flooring in your house, call us on (888)869-0663 or visit our website www.platinumflooringcompany.com

Your flooring as a blank canvas

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An artist spends hours preparing his canvas; a fashion enthusiast goes through dozens of spools of cloth before choosing the right one. Choosing the perfect base for your artwork is as important as anything you add to it. People who regard their homes as works of art, spend hefty sums of money on décor and yet far too many of them tend to get off on the wrong foot with a common mistake. What is this mistake you ask? In keeping with our first analogy, they often mistake the floor décor to be paint rather than a canvas that begs to be painted upon with myriad shades of furniture and tapestry. Everything between the ceiling and the floor need to sing the same song to the same tune, and blend seamlessly with each other and create just the right mood.

People often treat flooring like any other accessory when in fact it decides the aesthetic of everything that comes after it. It can make or break the look of your house. Your deep stained hardwood flooring will not go with the wrought iron furniture you bought and a stone tile flooring will most definitely look mismatched with the minimalist monochrome sofa. Moreover, as soon as the flooring is laid down, it inevitably becomes a defining character of the space that cannot be altered easily. While it is cumbersome to replace all of the furniture in the house, replacing the flooring is much more so. This makes your decision to invest a wooden floor décor that much more difficult but also, that much more rewarding.

We, at the Platinum Flooring Company, Hayward, CA, have a plethora of floor décor options to offer and can provide you with professional guidance with creating the house you dream of. Give us a call on (888)869-0663 or visit our website platinumflooringcompany.com

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