Create art out of leftover flooring

The meteoric build up of scrap wood from the expensive flooring that you bought can be heart wrenching. Since the leftovers, take up serious storage space, they usually dump in the trash can and it is a goodbye forever. With more and more designer turnings to scrap to turn them into stunning contemporary pieces of art, your house too can follow the trend and be the talk of the town.

Painted Floorboard Wall Art

Floorboards not only looking stunning, they make a gorgeous canvas. Glue the floor boards together and paint on top to create a chic painting for your home. Using a single color and minimalistic design can make the artwork look like an authentic masterpiece.

Rustic Kitchen Ware

You might have seen gourmet restaurants experimenting with their plating by using unconventional and quirky serving equipment. Make the cutest serving boards for cheese or bread by cutting up the extra floorboards.

Look at Ariele’s creation of the same here.

Mirror Mirror!

Mirrors bring with them minimalism and class that other home decor seldom can. A bare wall can liven up instantly with a life sized mirror. Use the floorboards to make a frame for the mirror that goes perfectly with your spectacular flooring.

Picture perfect

A home is a place for memories and filling your walls with picture frames of your precious moments makes the house special and cozy. Just like the mirror, use the extra flooring wood to make gorgeous picture frames. Look at the tutorial by Persa Lou and get inspired.


Home essentials

You can make your home beautiful with not just picture frames and painting, essentials such as clothes pegs can be stunning too. Buy a few vintage door knobs or hooks and screw them to a piece of extra floorboard. You’ll make yourself a beautiful peg bar that you wouldn’t want to hide behind a door.


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