Hardwood flooring, the rustic way

Design trends tend to oscillate from time to time. Things fall in and out of fashion and then back in again. So too, the trend in interior design is shifting back towards giving hardwood flooring a more rustic and hand-crafted look. Something about its texture gives character to the flooring which in turn lends to the room a warmth and a pleasant nostalgia. If you too are looking for flooring which seems to gently whisper “Ah, the good old days!”, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Textures
Texture is one of the main ingredients in rustic flooring. It stimulates and captivates our senses of touch and sight. Its pronounced grain pattern gives a beautiful canvas to place your décor on. You can implement rich textures into your flooring with two types of boards, distressed boards and hand-scraped boards, the difference between the two being that the former is worked upon by a machine while the latter by hand. Distressed boards are stained and have subtle distressing techniques applied in order to simulate the look and feel of naturally aged hardwood floors. There is also the option of hand-scraped boards which, although more expensive, offer rich and natural character markings on the boards, produced by the handiwork of expert artisans. Both of these types come in various species such as birch, maple, oak and hickory.

2) Colors
Color palettes of hardwood floors too flow with the tide of overall trends. Hardwood floors, which have been for a few decades tending towards darker and darker shades, are now receding towards the more natural, earthy mid-tones. There could be a few reasons for this, one of them being the desire to bring the colors of nature into our homes. Lighter honey and golden hues within the home give it a spacious atmosphere while darker hues like deep reds and browns give it an elegant and mysterious air.

3) Wide and uneven boards

While planks have gotten narrower in present years, wider planks are reminiscent of the country side cottages and cabins. This combined with uneven board lengths paint the perfect rustic picture for all who desire it.

Whether you prefer the modern look or vintage, you can be sure that we, at the Platinum Flooring can nail it down just right. We are devoted to not only delivering quality flooring but also wholesome experiences in keeping with the trends. For professional guidance and assistance call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit http://store.platinumflooringcompany.com.

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