Why hire a flooring contractor?

So now you know the best flooring options for your new home and by now you are also aware of the steps involved in laying your cabinets to floors to wall paint. Now all that you need to do is get the right hardwood floor installer. Installing flooring isn’t rocket science, but an improperly installed floor can make all that installation effort and money worthless, and cause you many hassles along the way.

A professional flooring installer would always know the pitfalls and challenges associated with bad floor installation and methods / techniques to avoid them. In this post we would discuss some of the advantages associated with hiring a professional floor installer.

  • In-home installation estimate

An in-home installation estimate is important in determining the type of flooring that would suit your needs & traffic, as well as the one that could be installed easily on the available sub-floor.

An experienced contractor comes with a professional team of installers who have an in-depth knowledge of materials, tools and various installation techniques required for a particular project.

The objective of the installation estimate is to provide the buyers with a detailed quotation that tells them the total amount they need to spend in-order to purchase and install the desired flooring.

  • Checking Moisture and Acclimatizing the wood flooring

The moisture content of the installation site is an important consideration for wood floors.

When the contractor initially measures and assesses your installation site, they will also conduct the first moisture detection test and the second moisture test conducted on the installation day. The results of these tests help them in undertaking the requisite measures.

Now let us understand the meaning of the term ‘Acclimation’. Any new floor once arrived at the job site, need to adjust itself to the environment, it is expected to perform. The acclimation period varies across products, ranging from 1 day to 5 days depending on the species of wood and from the place of the source.  Improper acclimation can result in the shrinking of individual boards leaving gaps between the boards, or the boards can expand leading to cupping.

  • Preparation before installation process:

Regardless of the type of flooring installed, every floor needs some kind of subfloor preparation to be carried out before the actual floor installation process. Every installation is unique and has its own subfloor preparation checklist and requirements to be fulfilled. Careful and correct preparation of the subfloor is one of the vital steps in a satisfactory floor installation process and those needs experienced and skilled professionals. Also, it is important to hand over the entire installation service to a single contractor as proper subfloor preparation and suitable underlayment installation are essential for a trouble-free installation.

  • Maintenance and Warranty

A professional contractor would always stand behind their work with an offered warranty cover for their installation services. They aren’t only installing with expert precision, but they also offer service agreements and warranties which carry a high degree of peace of mind to homeowners.


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