How do I increase the value of my house?

Remodelling is a great way to increase the worth of your house, whether you’re a new homeowner or old, and can pay off big dividends when the time comes to sell it. It’s hard to know where to start as you flip through the glossy pages of Architectural digest and the various other magazines. Stalking your favorite celebrity homes and dreaming up everything you ever wanted in your house is all well and good. But when you actually jot down the cost of each item, It’s time to choose one or maybe two out a hundred of those options, all of which you feel married to.

How exactly should one go about remodelling a house so it gives you the best returns? We have made a list of a few points you need to keep in mind to minimize the expenses and maximize the bang for your buck.

  1. Do it one room at a time.

Turns out, you can go overboard quickly if you start dreaming up the entire house. Doing it one room at a time makes you get used to the budget and time frame required for each one, making you smarter with each finished room. Choose the room that you use the most and choose a practical budget and timeline. Keep in mind the best feature of each room and accentuate those. For instance, if the room has a large airy window, you could highlight it by making a comfortable seating arrangement as a study/reading location to cash in on those positive vibes.

  1. Remodel the kitchen

Any realtor will tell you that houses with the best kitchens, sell like hotcakes. Invest in that beautiful steel counter you always wanted. Do a good paint and tile work, it hardly costs anything but adds to the beauty of the kitchen. Upgrade your appliances and invest in an elegant rack of pots and pans that hangs over the counter for that modern chic look. Add little touches like a cute little herb garden and metallic light switches and taps to go with the counter.

  1. Glamorize the bathroom

A beautiful house with a small, unclean bathroom with cracked tiles is definitely a no no, but an average house with a spotless bathroom and a welcoming shower system will have a long line of takers. Bathroom in a way sets the hygiene levels of the house and is very important for most home buyers. Invest in those heated floors, they attract buyers like nothing else, add that marble counter-top and some beautiful faucets. Bathrooms are no more just a functional room, they are like your go to spa after a stressful day at work.

  1. Your surroundings are important

Your house maybe spotless but it will not attract any buyers if it stands out in the middle of a shabby, unkempt garden or a littered sidewalk a pile of garbage dumped on either side. Make sure every part of your surroundings (that includes the side and the back) is kept clean and beautiful; accentuate the path to your house with plants, flowerbeds and some beautiful lamps. A tea table in the backyard or an amazing tree house adds character and charm to your house. Keeping the neighborhood clean is very important too. Organise a cleanliness drive and explain to your neighbors how a beautiful area can add a lot of value to all the houses.

  1. Remodel or sell?

Selling and buying a house comes at a huge price and the decision should be taken after a lot of thought. You have to keep in mind the price that your current house will fetch and fact that the buyer may ask you to redo the flooring, bathrooms or fix the walls before moving. Shifting to a new house means keeping in mind the cost of packing, moving and procuring a new house loan or insurance and also the invisible costs. If you have a good neighborhood with a great school and community, think of remodelling the house first.

Keeping these small points in mind will give you great returns in the long run. Remodelling is a nerve wracking and tedious job and yet a very satisfying experience. Make sure you make the best of it. For professional guidance and assistance call us today on (888)869-0663 or visit

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