The Interior Trends Making Headway into 2017

There are certain things in life which keep changing season over season. The changes these things undergo are more towards improvements. Fashion and Home Interior are two fields that create awe in the minds of people. Predictions based on observations for the next year starts coming out from experts as the previous year ends. We present here some such forecasts about the Home Interior trends that would be loved in the year 2017.


Predictions say that material that creates cool environment will be done off with. Terracotta that creates warmth will replace such material to adorn the walls of bathroom and fireplaces. Terracotta will no more be used just to create borders on walls but will occupy the complete walls providing a matte finish. Matte finish Terracotta will be the most preferred not only for the warmth they provide but also for the fine finish they offer.


Cork, the material which had become an outdated one will make a comeback in 2017. Cork offers textures that decorate walls in a natural manner. Corks also provide warmth while making the environment noiseless by absorbing the noise created in the external environment. A wall made of cork also serves the purpose to be a pin board in typical office environments. Even personal spaces can get adorned with Cork.

Dark shade of Green

Dark shades of Green will be the preferred color for decorating the interiors. Be it the furniture or furnishings, adorning the rooms with ones in Dark shades of Green will add to the depth of environment. Dark green shade will drive away from Blue which was the preferred color in previous years. Dark Green shade will be preferred to adorn pillow covers, cushions, and bed heads in a majestic manner.

High raised Bed heads

The timber bead head styles will get replaced with high raised bed heads. High rise bed heads will be preferred mainly because they will add to the glamor of the bedrooms instantly. High rise bed head which is already a trend in restaurants and other public places will start adorning common public’s bedrooms too in 2017.

Homes with more open spaces

People will start drifting from homes that support all the technical gadgets making them computer pro. They will prefer to have areas that are open to sky or spaces that allow natural light and a breeze to pass through. They will also go in for furniture that offers relaxation when they fall down after a hectic work day.

Metals that will adorn homes

Colors like Blue and Pink that adorn the homes will be pushed out by metals and metallic. Opal, Lucite, and Raw-cut quartz will add to the spice of the interiors. Fabrics that is transparent in nature, sheers and floating silk materials clothing will add to the romanticism that such metals create in the interiors. The optimistic environment that such combinations provide will be preferred over the mechanical ones created by colors and would be considered as outdated.

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