How long does laminate flooring last?

In your search for a good laminate floor, you come across yet another retail genie, waving laminate samples in your face, telling you all the things you want to hear. With this laminate, your expensive sofa doesn’t need to look like a thrift shop steal, placed as it is over your crummy tile floor or shabby carpet! No longer! With this new flooring your house will put a king’s bedroom to shame. What’s more, it will last an eternity and then some! This kind of hot air is usually easy to recognize but not always. It is a struggle to find a good laminate floor solution tailored to your needs and within your budget, and all of the fluff marketing and false advertising are not doing you any favors. So how long do laminate floors actually last? How many years of everyday wear and tear can it take before its age begins to show?

Over the years, we have installed laminate flooring for many customers, but their lifespan has varied widely. Like anything else, the longevity of the flooring depends on various factors.

  1. Quality

Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of pricing; some of the premium ranges even have a manufacturer warranty of 50 years. This more than recovers the cost and adds value to it like no other. Some of the cheaper options available in the market often end up being a compromise not only on their look, but worse, their lifespan. These might come with various manufacturing defects some of which only reveal themselves with time. Be careful to purchase your flooring from a trusted retailer. A good warranty is a must. The longer a warranty lasts, the greater the trust a retailer places in his product.

  1. Installation

Laminate flooring falls under the category of floating tiles and it can be easily installed by just using the how-to guide that comes along with the purchase. However, if your professional skills are lacking, subtle mistakes can reduce the longevity of your flooring significantly and even risk voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

Proper care must be taken while installing the flooring, especially in rooms like the kitchen and the bathroom where high levels of moisture are to be expected.

  1. Care and Maintenance

Very often, simple care taken on a daily basis goes a longer way than heavy maintenance work done after years of recklessness. Simple things such as using a mild detergent and avoiding the excess use water help a great deal. Even a severely damaged plank can be replaced with professional care instead of uprooting and replacing the entire floor.

Laminate flooring may not last as long as a natural hardwood floor or stone tiles but it is a lot less expensive while retaining the look and feel of luxury. This makes it an ideal option for many home owners. We at the Platinum Flooring Company, Hayward, CA pride ourselves in offering you the best options for flooring. For professional guidance on laminate flooring or flooring in general, give us a call on (888)869-0663 or visit our website

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