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Recently an evolution in floor design trends has taken place which is distinct to a contemporary one. Flooring is an essential part of everyone’s home décor and the industry. This change is no longer consistent but ever-changing. Correspondingly the industry experts have revealed that significant change in color and design has been seen in the market.

Several specialists have opined that people are now opting for lighter colors in comparison to darker shades. For example, some say white is the color of the year which contrasts perfectly with either dark or lightly shaded walls. It also balances the use of bold color schemes in designs. People have shown an inclination towards neutral, light and mid-tone colors. These tones even compliment sophisticated designs such as teal, coral and, turn out into extensive designs.

Colors & Design trends

Another specialist indicated that various shades of blue are also prevalent lately. This style is expected to continue in next year as well. Even metallic shades are catching up in the industry and advent of warmer tones in coming days. Other color tones include beige, browns, and grays. The latter is popular among customary and modern house owners. More and more people are open to provide a fresh look to their living spaces. The use of neutral colors in order to show the strong color via rugs, paints, etc. is one the examples. Several European color trends have entered the U.S. market over the span of time. However, beige color is trending in Europe but gray dominate the U.S markets along with Rustic, as they provide a more sophisticated guise.

Besides the color, customers also like to actually feel the product before incorporating it in their houses. The texture and surface with glossy touch are preferred. The flooring that is hand-scraped or wire brushed is dominant. Sanding is also an alternative texture that provided more of an antiquated and unique look to the product. Some even prefer low glossy finish or matte finish for surfaces. Apart from wooden floorings, tiles have also become popular. They are available in small as well as large sizes according to the requirement. These are available in light and dark shades with wooden appearance. The latest trend includes a collage of mismatched tiles even in 3D structure. Basically, designing is a personal choice and vary from people and cultures.

Perennial wood

Despite the changes in flooring trends, some people still fancy the traditional wood. In U.S. it is still the dominant fashion in commercial and industrial markets. The simplicity along with the craftsmanship involved is highly appreciated among buyers. Somehow the designers have blended the two in a classic manner leaving intact the elementary flooring design produce.

The concept of flooring design has developed manifold and we have come to see some distinct color choice and schemes lately, such as white. And it seems that white will dominate the whole year and the next too. The sizes of tiles have increased and designers have opted for monolithic patterns. Moreover, a wide assortment of textures is available in wood and laminate. Therefore, we can say that a mix and match of lighter shades with bold color furniture’s would continue in coming years.

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