Remodel & Renovate: Hardwood flooring versus Concrete Flooring

Thinking of remodelling your house? Are you confused between keeping the concrete flooring your house came with and the gorgeous hardwood flooring you saw in the latest issue of Architectural Digest? When it comes to a match up between concrete and hardwood flooring, we think the hardwood comes out on top. Here are a few reasons why we think it is the better investment and the right choice for you.

  1. Wooden flooring has the advantage of being a good heat conductor. It absorbs, circulates and stores heat thus keeping your house naturally warm. It will save you a fortune on the thermostat and is one of the best options for houses in cold climes. Wooden houses radiate warmth and maintain a welcoming temperature. Concrete floors on the other hand tend to become ice cold and can be a torture to set foot on in the middle of the night to fetch yourself a glass of water.
  1. A concrete floor is hard and unforgiving. Ask anyone who has had to take care of toddlers who constantly trip and fall all over themselves. A wooden floor on the other hand is a lot safer and a good choice which suits all ages groups.
  1. Wooden Flooring is to your house what an LBD is to your closet. Hardwood flooring is a timeless classic that never fails to impress. If you are investing in remodelling your house, hardwood flooring is definitely going to add grandeur and class to your home without much help from the furnishing. Read more about designing with hardwood flooring here.
  1. Concrete looks more suited to be the floor of warehouse or indeed, a storage room, garage or a workshop for all your rugged activity.
  1. An exquisite hardwood floored house can not only be a prized possession that can be passed down through generations, it also adds immense resale value to the product. Hardwood flooring if taken care of well, will never have to be replaced. Concrete floors in houses are unaesthetic and fail to please the eye. They can often be a deal breaker while you try to resell your house and drive the price down. Follow this link for a more detailed study.

While concrete flooring may seem like a good idea and light on your wallet in the short term, hardwood flooring pays for itself in the long run. For professional guidance on choosing the right flooring for your house call us on (888)869-0663 or visit our website

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