Striking Balance: Modern Luxury Homes

Mid-century contemporary has been a developing trend but getting the right intermingle of modern as well as luxury is no doubt a fragile balance. The best interior designers do extremely well at mixing the plain clean living of modernism with slight, lavish feel.

Why or what tends to make a home feel luxurious?

A home need not be too big or even have luxurious furnishings. On the converse, a big house can make you feel echoing and cold. Or maybe it can appear a jumbled mess, in spite of its size. While a tiny space can have an extravagance boutique hotel feel about it. There is only one secret and that there are quite a lot of elements which helps in giving a home a luxurious appearance. Hence I felt that I ought to share my idea of making a home feel luxurious.


This is not similar to having a big house. Relatively, it is homes in which you will feel that you have enough space to move and breathe. Clutterless and good storage plus trying not to pack too much furniture help a lot. It is all about working with the magnitude of the room.


When you walk into a room which has ample light it will make you feel good and provides a roomier look. Furthermore, if the windows are big then substituting it with some intelligent lighting is a good idea. However, balance is the explanation. It should not appear to be very bright or even bleak.


Light plus dark, inflexible plus supple, jagged plus flat, natural plus synthetic, primeval plus contemporary difference adds attention that stimulates our senses. If a room is fully white with one shade and same kind of materials then it may appear to be cold. However when subtle shades all with different materials are added the ambiance of the room is overall special.


Very closely linked to disparity is a balance. An insurgence of diverse shades plus designs in a room can induce a headache. The room will appear gaudy when garnishes made of metal and furnishings are overused. Nevertheless, if a colorful decorative carpet takes the center space of a neutral room then it will completely change the interior. To simply append a touch of luxury use some clever metallic accents.


Take some inspiration from nature and try to bring outside into the rooms. Add plants to provide the empty spot of a room with vibrancy. When elements from nature are added they bring life to a room.


Senses of scent have an influential effect. A perfume can upshot or augment our frame of mind. But sometimes they can prove to be a direct negative stimulation. It is easy to imitate the effect of a luxurious hotel scent in a home with a perfumed candle or diffuser. Yet again it is concerned with balance.

And maybe delicacy is what connects all these parts jointly.  A lavish home is not one that yells ‘glance at me!’ – as it need not do so.

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