DIY Hardwood Floors Or Hire A Professional?

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“Hardwood flooring can add elegance to your home, if you have selected the right tone and floor design that complements your home décor. But when it comes to hardwood flooring installation, should you do it yourself or hire a professional, is the question most of the home owners battle with.  I battled with it too.”, quoted Nandita Garg – One Happy Customer of Platinum Flooring Company’s Installation service.

If you are trapped between Do It Yourself project and hiring a professional, then here are a few factors to be considered before making your decision. They helped me win the battle against Do It Yourself.

First, does your hardwood floor need to be installed quickly?

We love the house that we recently moved into. Everything in it was absolutely the way we always imagined, but for the floor. The carpet in the family room was a complete misfit and as you can understand our relation with the carpet didn’t last for long. We were looking for a quick replacement option and we knew that a skilled professional would be the only option to help us achieve the desired outcome in the quickest of time.

Are there any challenging art forms that need to be considered during installation?

We had finalized upon Hickory Hardwood Flooring for our new home. But the challenge here was that we also had carpet installation already present at several points and we didn’t want to get rid of the carpet completely. This is where professional help came to our rescue. We had to achieve a smooth transition from carpet to hardwood floor and conceal the gaps between the two types of different flooring options.

Achieving such a smooth transition requires very exact and precise measuring, the right tools, and proper sealing. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made, if you plan to Do It Yourself. While properly installed hardwood will hold up to a lot of abuse and last for years, improperly done work will pull up, splinter and be a real pain to maintain.

But this was not the only challenge in front of Platinum Flooring Company’s Installation team, the next challenging art form to achieve was, give an angle and turn to the walkway which headed into our bathroom. And as always Platinum Flooring Installation team did an incredible job.

Hiring a skilled professional has been always a cost effective option. How?

Working on the project yourself no doubt reduces the labor cost for installation but it is also important to consider the cost of mistakes made during Do It Yourself projects which can cause costs to spike due to the wastage of material.

But above all Professionals stand by their work. They aren’t only installing with skill and precision, but they can offer service agreements and warranties which carry with them a high degree of peace of mind for you and your family.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a professional flooring contractor for your home. Get a free estimate on your hardwood flooring project by getting in touch with the Platinum Flooring Company on (888) 869-0663. Get Started today!

Nandita Garg

One Happy Customer of Platinum Flooring Company’s Installation Service