Why is White Oak Hardwood flooring beautiful?

While remodeling the house, people often have a certain mood in mind that they want their house to reflect. Looking through stacks and stacks of narrow boards has not helped. It all feels a bit too formal; it’s just not what you had in mind. If that’s the case it might be a good idea to consider a wide plank flooring option, specifically the wide plank White Oak. People often hesitate to even consider the wide plank variety. While there are a few legitimate concerns, we submit to you that the wide plank White Oak is misunderstood, if we may, widely.

Wide plank refers to boards that are wider than five inches. Among the ranks of the wide plank boards is the White Oak variety. The White Oak hardwood is a gorgeous wood variety which comes from trees that grow in colder climates which impart a lighter color to the wood. The wood has some unique whitish, yellowish and sometimes even greenish undertones that are starkly different from the usual darker brown, red and deep cherry of its oak cousins.

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Wide plank flooring however, comes with some amazing advantages of its own.

  1. Wide plank flooring is available in exotic wood options because of its more intense colour and grain giving your house a rich character.
  2. While narrow boards are sawed with the intention of avoiding knots, this is not the case with wide boards. The knots add to the rustic and natural feel of the boards.
  3. Wider planks result in fewer seams making the flooring extensive and allows the room to look a lot more spacious. Fewer seams in the flooring also impart a calmer feel to the space.
  4. Wide plank flooring has the option of using restored and reclaimed wood. Therefore it is a great option for people looking for greener and environment friendly options.
  5. Wide planks and longer boards make installation quicker and much simpler.

It must be said however that wide planks are often more susceptible to the effects of humidity and dryness. It can either cup or crown or shrink, revealing gaps in between. While there are things you can do to minimize these effects, more often than not, people who install these floors are people who prioritize character over perfection. To that end there is no equal to the wide plank’s rustic appearance and irresistible charm. In fact any cupping or gaps that might occur only add to the character of the flooring. Here are a couple of other points to keep in mind before installing the wide plank flooring.

  1. In extremely dry or humid environments cupping, crowning and gaps can be significantly reduced by installing temperature and humidity control in these spaces.
  2. Since the cost of flooring planks is usually calculated in proportion to the width of the plank, wide plank flooring can turn out to be more expensive than a narrow board.

White Oak hardwood is gaining more and more popularity among the modern designers because of its unique look. This wood variety apart from being extremely durable offers some exotic nutty brown hues with soft and intricate swirls in it’s grain. These advantages and the sheer exclusivity of wide plank flooring makes the White Oak hardwood flooring one of our favourite flooring options. For professional guidance and advice for the use of White Oak Hardwood flooring in your house, call us on (888)869-0663 or visit our website www.platinumflooringcompany.com

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