Vinyl Floor Products And Installation Methods

A 3-D printer is used to create luxury vinyl tiles and planks. These flooring materials are water and stain-resistant and often mimic stone, ceramic, brick, and wood. The installation of a luxury vinyl product will require several layers to be secured to the subflooring within a room that is being upgraded.

Luxury Vinyl Versus Standard Vinyl

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is used to manufacture standard and luxury tiles and planks. Tiles of either quality level are typically used in confined spaces, hallways, bathrooms, or kitchens. Long planks that feature a standard or luxury composition can be used to refinish a large room, such as a living room, a den, or a bedroom.

Luxury and standard vinyl products are resilient to moisture, scuff marks, and stains. Unlike expensive flooring materials like wood, vinyl products can withstand a lot of foot traffic and will be easy to clean. Luxury vinyl possesses the same shapes and textures as standard vinyl flooring materials.

The main difference between these two types of flooring materials is the thickness of each component. Vinyl sheeting, which is another popular flooring material, and standard vinyl tiles and planks are relatively thin. Luxury vinyl is many times thicker than these two types of floor coverings.


Some vinyl products contain an adhesive backing, which will streamline the installation process. Luxury vinyl typically consists of several layers. A subfloor, luxury vinyl pieces, and a top layer are often installed separately. Flooring materials can occasionally be installed over an existing subfloor. If a floor that is being covered is in relatively good shape, a flooring contractor may opt to secure the new luxury vinyl pieces over the existing floor materials.

A glue product is applied to the underside of pieces. Pieces are pressed down against the subfloor. Grout is not needed to install most vinyl products. If luxury vinyl tiles that mimic stone or ceramic are being added to a floor, however, a home or business owner may request the addition of grout. Grout will make a tiled floor look authentic.

A floating floor style is an alternate type of floor covering that contains a foam underlayer. The foam will support interlocking vinyl pieces that will be resting on top of the foam. A floor contractor may use adhesives or hardware to secure luxury vinyl pieces. Once a floor is installed, trim that surrounds a floor will be installed. Trim pieces may coincide or contrast with vinyl floor pieces.

For more information about luxury vinyl installation, contact a local professional.