Understanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing Considerations

When you have hardwood floors, refinishing is part of maintaining them in the best possible condition over their lifespan. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine when the floors need refinishing. There are a few key things that every homeowner needs to understand when trying to decide how to proceed with hardwood floor care. Deep Clean The Floors First  Start with a thorough deep cleaning to help determine if the floors need refinishing. Read More 

Residential Vinyl Floor Installation — Great Tips To Consider Before Getting Started

Vinyl floors offer homeowners a lot of benefits. For instance, they're easy to take care of and look great. If you plan to set some up after making a vinyl plank selection, here are some installation guidelines to follow.  Make Sure You Have a Flat Surface to Work With One of the most important things you need to have success with vinyl floor installation is a flat surface. It will ensure each vinyl plank lays correctly and remains secure after you've placed fasteners through it. Read More 

Do Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing?

Wood floors are a major selling point for many homes, so it is important to keep yours in the best possible condition. After all, if you decide to sell your home down the road, those floors could help improve your resale value. Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with the way that hardwood floors should be cared for. Heavy traffic and improper care can lead to a need for refinishing to restore the surface of your floors. Read More 

Becoming A Hardwood Floor Technician: Why It’s A Smart Career Move

If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then becoming a hardwood floor technician might be the perfect fit for you. Not only is this profession in demand, but it also comes with many benefits that make it an attractive option for those with a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful spaces. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider applying for a hardwood floor technician job: Read More 

Reducing The Allergens In Your Carpet

Carpeting is a popular flooring choice due to its comfort and style. However, it can also lead to allergies for some people. The accumulation of dust and dander in carpet fibers can trigger allergies and asthma. Fortunately, you can take steps to minimize the allergy impacts of carpeting. Regularly Clean The Entire Carpet In Your Home The first step to minimizing the allergy impacts of carpeting is to keep it clean. Read More