Having The Hardwood Flooring In Your Home Refinished

If your home has hardwood flooring throughout its interior, you may eventually need to have it refinished to restore its overall appearance. While refinishing hardwood floors is a common way of restoring the appearance of the flooring, it can be easy for individuals to have a limited understanding of this option.

Water Damage Stains And Scratches May Be Addressed With Refinishing

Water damage stains on your hardwood flooring can be fairly unsightly. This type of damage can leave noticeable black marks on the flooring. The process of refinishing the hardwood will involve removing the outer layer of the floors, which can eliminate these stains. This method can also address deep and shallow surface scratches in the hardwood. As a result, you may find that refinishing can restore the appearance of your floor far more effectively than you may have originally expected.

The Room Will Need To Be Prepared For The Refinishing Work That Is Needed

Before the refinishing process can be started, the room will need to be prepared. In particular, the homeowner will need to take the time to remove any furniture or other items that may be in the area. The contractors will need the room to be clear as they will need to sand the entire surface as part of the refinishing process. Depending on the amount of furniture that you have in this room, you may need to arrange for a storage option for it. While the refinishing process will be quick, it can take several days to a week before the floor will be ready to have the furniture moved back into position.

Protective Covers Should Be Applied To The Feet Of Your Furniture Before Moving Them Back Into Place

Moving the furniture back into the room can be one of the instances that may be the most likely to cause damage to the flooring. More specifically, the furniture can be at risk of leaving deep scratches on the floor. In order to reduce the risk of this type of damage occurring, it is possible to place protective covers on the feet of the furniture, which will prevent minor sliding to leave deep gashes in the hardwood flooring. For pieces of furniture that are too heavy for you to lift, there are special mats that can be used to slide the furniture back into place without damaging the flooring in the process. These simple steps can make it easy to move your furniture back into the room once the floors are ready.

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