Epoxy Floor Coating Prep And Application Steps

A floor that is resistant to flames, water, and stains can last a lifetime and provide adequate space for household items that are stored in your residence or garage. A 'do-it-yourself' epoxy floor installation project should include cleaning the existing floor, thoroughly mixing epoxy materials, and using adequate ventilation while applying the floor coatings.

An Economical Upgrade

An epoxy floor is actually a coating that is designed to be applied over a subfloor. Epoxy is typically added to concrete or other durable surfaces. It will form a smooth, slick surface or one that is slightly textured, depending upon the epoxy formula that you use. Choosing an epoxy covering to upgrade a floor is less invasive than ripping out an existing floor and subflooring and having new flooring materials installed. 

Cleaning And Dust Removal Processes

Chemical agents should be used to remove staining from the floor that will be covered with an epoxy coating. Coating products include a primer, a hardener, and the coating itself. All of the products that will be used for the upgrade should remain unopened until you are ready to use them. After the floor has been cleaned and dried, you may want to remove inconsistencies in its texture. Use plastic sheeting to cover doorways and windows.

Use a drum sander or a rotary sanding device to slightly rough up the floors. The plastic sheeting will prevent dust from entering other parts of your residence. Once you have finished sanding the floor, use a shop vacuum to collect loose dust debris. Remove the plastic sheeting pieces and dispose of them.

Electric Mixing And Application Tips

An electric mixer that is designed for industrial usage can help you prepare the epoxy primer, hardener, and coating. The mixer should be used to blend each component separately. The primer is a coat that is not essential, but that will aid in the proper adhesion of the hardener and topcoat/coats. A clean roller should be used to apply each layer of the epoxy floor coating.

Ventilation should be maintained during the application process. Once the primer coat has had a substantial amount of time to dry, it is time to add the remaining coats. If you choose a product that contains a gritty substance, it is especially important that you blend the epoxy coating well. The abrasive materials that are within the coating will need to be dispersed evenly. This will allow you to apply a coating that will provide a consistent amount of traction throughout the floor covering. 

For more information about installing an epoxy floor, contact a local company, like Croc Coatings, LLC.