Five Benefits of Stretching Your Existing Carpet

Quality carpets should lay flat, but sometimes they may become loose or develop wrinkles. The culprit can be due to improper stretching or insulation, or it can be a result of damages from the friction of heavy furniture movement or from heavy foot traffic. Fortunately, carpet stretching services are available that can help re-stretch a loose carpet so it is taut again.

1. Increased Longevity

Wrinkles lead to more wear and tear on the carpet, which in turn reduces longevity and means you need to replace the carpet more frequently. The warping that causes wrinkles to form pulls on the carpet backing, and the stress this causes can cause the backing to thin and fall apart more quickly than it would otherwise. Walking over wrinkles also wears down the fibers and further stretches the backing, which can lead to bald spots. 

2. Easier Cleaning

Cleaning a wrinkled carpet can be a pain. Carpet cleaners don't work as well on wrinkles, since some of the stained carpet can be stuck in the folds can't get cleaned as thoroughly as other parts. Vacuums also don't pull dirt out of wrinkled carpets as easily due to the folds. Wrinkles lift up the vacuum as it goes over them, reducing suction so that you have to vacuum over the area several more times than usual just to get some of the dirt up.

3. Fewer Hazards

Wrinkles pose a tripping hazard. Often, wrinkles form in major pathways in the room, the areas with the most foot traffic, so you can't simply cover the wrinkle with a piece of furniture as it would block the path. Rugs over the wrinkle don't help, since the bump is still in the main path. As a wrinkle worsens, it becomes more hazardous.

4. Less Staining

Stains on wrinkles are very common. The raised bumps formed by wrinkles can become dirt magnets, picking up more grime than the flat sections of carpet so that you end up with stripes of grimy discoloration. Hand scrubbing is often the only way to remove the stains, but scrubbing the carpet may loosen it up more and only make the wrinkle more severe.

5. Better Appearance

Finally, a wrinkled carpet simply looks unattractive, even if you are able to keep it clean. Over time the raised bump in the carpet wears thin and starts to look dingier than the surrounding carpet, which further ruins its appearance. Pulling wrinkles tight as soon as they form can keep the carpet looking nice.

Contact a carpet stretching service like Best Services, Inc. if your carpet is wrinkled and uneven.