Types Of Sculptured Carpet To Consider

If you like the idea of your carpet adding a vibrant look to the room, there are lots of ideas for you to consider. While some people will choose a bright-colored carpet to achieve this goal, others may feel as though they want something in tones that are more neutral. If you're in the latter situation, you might wish to browse some samples of sculptured carpet at your local flooring store. This type of carpet is made up of fibers that are cut to different lengths, which means that the carpet will have a heavily textured appearance. Here are some types of sculptured carpet that you may wish to consider for your home.


For people who like the orderly look that straight lines provide, a sculptured carpet with a grid pattern can be a good option. This type of carpet will often have straight lines that are slightly raised compared to the spaces between them, which can offer a crisp, three-dimensional look that complements your room. You'll find a lot of sculptured carpets with grid patterns, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a design in which the lines and the gaps between the lines offer the specific look that you want.


If you're keen on something that has more of a free-flowing style, you might wish to focus your shopping efforts on finding a sculptured carpet with an abstract design. There are lots of options that fit this definition. Some have abstract patterns that repeat several times over the surface of the carpet, while others are so abstract that it's difficult to notice whether any pattern is present. In rooms that have a lot of straight lines from furniture and decor, you might find that the free-flowing nature of an abstract sculptured carpet provides some variance that you appreciate.


While you'll often find carpets that have colorful paisley prints on them, another option is to choose a sculptured carpet that has a paisley design. In many of these products, the carpet will be entirely one color. This will make the paisley shapes a little more subtle than if they were to appear in different colors. There are lots of paisley sculptured carpets on the market, which means that you'll see designs with large paisley patterns, small paisley patterns, and other sizes in between. Learn more about sculptured carpet and find the right product for your home by visiting a flooring store such as Floorco Flooring.