Benefits Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are attractive and have a long lifespan, making them an excellent flooring option for your house. However, hardwood flooring can wear out over time due to heavy traffic or contact with hard objects that cause scratches. Thus, you need to maintain your hardwood floor accordingly to protect its longevity. One crucial maintenance process is refinishing. Here are the pros of hardwood floor refinishing.

Improved Aesthetics

When hardwood floors experience heavy traffic, the top floor layer may get damaged and appear dull. This affects your home's aesthetics negatively. Fortunately, hardwood floor refinishing can improve your floor's appearance. During refinishing, professionals prepare the wood surface by sanding it. Then, the professionals scuff-sand the floor to turn the old finish into dust. 

Once the dust settles, the professionals vacuum the floor to eliminate the dust and wipe it with a clean fiber. Finally, the refinishing services apply a new finish that makes the floor look brighter. Overall, newly refinished hardwood floors leave an excellent first impression on your guests and improve your property's value.


A dull hardwood floor with scratches is unappealing, and you may consider replacing your floor altogether. Nevertheless, floor replacement is a costly process. In contrast, wood floor refinishing is more affordable and helps conceal the cracks. 

For instance, if you're dealing with minor scratches on the old finishing, floor sanding helps eliminate them and smoothen the floor. Then, applying a new coating on the wood leaves your wood floor blemish-free. Also, the new coating offers floor protection, saving you from expensive floor repairs or replacement.

Improved Safety

Damaged hardwood flooring can be a danger to your health. For instance, chipped floors may expose wood splinters, which are sharp and can cause foot injuries like cuts. These injuries can cause severe pain, and their treatment may be costly. Besides, if a visitor gets injured in your home, you may carry the financial burden of settling treatment expenses. Hardwood floor refinishing restores your floor's smoothness, eliminating injury risks. This improves your home's safety.

Pest Prevention

The cracks on your hardwood floor may provide excellent hiding places for pests like termites. Note that termites feed on wood and may cause significant damage to your wooden floor. For instance, the termites may create holes or tunnels in the wood, weakening your hardwood floor. Hardwood floor refinishing eliminates the cracks and crevices on the floor that are potential hiding places for pests. This way, you avoid pest infestation problems.

Hardwood floor refinishing improves your home's aesthetics and safety, prevents pest infestation, and saves you money. Consider refinishing your hardwood floor to enjoy these benefits.