4 Tips That Can Help With Installing Vinyl Flooring

Looking to transform a room in your home with new flooring and want to use vinyl plank flooring material? If so, it will help to know these tips to help with the installation process. 

Remove The Baseboards And Molding

There is a bit of prep work that you need to do prior to the start of the installation process. Since vinyl plank flooring is a floating floor, it can be laid on top of existing flooring material. However, you still need to be able to go to the edges of the room. You'll want to remove the moldings and baseboards around the room so that you can go right to the edge. You'll end up putting them back on later when you're finished. 

Pick A Direction For The Boards

There are essentially two orientations when it comes to how you can install vinyl plank flooring, and it's up to you which one you want to use. That said, there is a preferred orientation that will make the job a bit easier. Many people like to install flooring so that the length of the boards is parallel to the widest wall. This cuts down on the installation time since you have to cut fewer boards to make it all fit.

Start In A Corner

You'll always want to start in a corner of the room when you lay down your first piece of flooring material, but do not lay the piece directly against the corner. It helps to leave a small space so that the flooring has some wiggle room. Consider placing a spacer in that spot so that the flooring doesn't slide tightly against the wall. You can remove that spacer later. 

Cut The Sides Hidden Against The Wall

Cutting pieces of vinyl plank flooring can look a bit rough. That's why it is best to always cut the edge of the boards that are going to be hidden against the wall. You'll cover this edge later with the molding and baseboard material, so you will not see any imperfections in it. 

It can be difficult to cut those long edges along the length of a board at the very end of the job. One helpful tip is to use a table saw or circular saw to do it. If you're using a handheld circular saw, you can place the flooring material on a piece of foam so that you can lay the board down and cut across the entire length. 

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