3 Signs Your Hardwood Floors Are In Need Of Refinishing

One of the great things about hardwood floors is that you are able to restore these floors to their original beauty even after many years of use. This is accomplished by refinishing the floor's surface. However, many homeowners find it difficult to determine whether or not their floors are in need of refinishing or if they simply require some minor repairs. The good news is that there are a few easy ways to determine if you are in need of wood floor refinishing services. Continue reading to learn more about some of these telltale signs.

#1: Your Wood Floor Has Become Faded Or Distressed

In recent years, the look of aged wood has become quite popular in the interior design industry. The faded, distressed appearance of this wood is often referred to as a patina and is thought to give the wood some additional character and beauty. However, despite the popularity of this look, the fact is that the faded color and distressed look of this wood is a sign of damage. If you notice that your wood floors have taken on a faded gray tint, this is a strong indication that your floors need to be refinished. If you wish to retain the color of your aged wood, simply communicate this with your wood floor refinishing contractor. Oftentimes these contractors will be able to create the appearance of aged wood through the use of wood stains while still repairing the damage to the flooring surface. 

#2: You Have Widespread Scratches On Your Floor

All wood floors will develop some scratching over time as a result of regular use. If these scratches are localized, you should be able to have these scratches buffed out without the need to refinish the entire floor. However, if your floor has developed widespread scratching, refinishing your floor will be the most effective way to eliminate the problem. This is very important since widespread scratching will compromise the seal on your hardwood floors and can result in more serious damage. 

#3: Your Wood Floors Have Begun To Splinter

If your wood floor has suffered moisture damage, you will often notice that the wood begins to splinter. This type of damage can significantly impact your ability to comfortably walk on the floors in your home. Thankfully, this issue can easily be addressed without the need to install a whole new floor. Wood floor refinishing services will make it possible to restore even this type of serious damage.