Choose Cork Flooring For These Rooms

Cork is an increasingly popular flooring option that you'll find in virtually every flooring store. This is a natural product that offers a long list of benefits, which can make it a type of flooring to consider for numerous areas of your home. When you visit a local flooring store, be sure to ask a salesperson to show you some samples of cork flooring. You'll be able to assess their color and feel — including walking on them to note how soft they are underfoot. If you're looking to replace the existing flooring in these areas of your home, cork can be a good option to consider.

Living Room

Your living room is likely one of the rooms in which your family spends most of its time, which means that it's important to have the right type of flooring. While there are lots of suitable options, cork can be a good choice for a number of reasons. Its softness underfoot means that it's comfortable to walk on. If you have kids who spend a lot of time playing on the living room floor, they'll enjoy the soft feel of cork. The natural look of this type of flooring also has a warm and cozy feel that can pair well with rustic furniture and decor.

Home Office

Cork can also be an ideal type of flooring to consider if you're setting up a home office. Not only does it offer a comfortable feel and a cozy look, but it also does a good job of absorbing sounds. If you're the type of person who spends a lot of late evenings working and you don't want noise from your home office waking up your family members when they sleep, the noise-absorbing quality of cork can be a good choice.


One or more bedrooms in your home can also be a good fit for cork flooring. Its softness is pleasant underfoot when you and your family members get up in the morning. A lot of people design their bedrooms to look as cozy as possible, so the cozy appearance of cork can work well. The sound-absorbing quality of this material also makes it a good choice for bedrooms. For example, if your children occasionally drop items on the floor, the noise won't be as loud as it would be on hardwood flooring. Learn more about the merits of cork flooring by visiting your local flooring store.