Hardwood Floors Starting To Look Dull? Two Reasons To Refinish Them

Hardwood is one of the most popular choices in flooring for many great reasons. In addition to being easy to clean, hardwood floors add a touch of luxury and charm that is hard to capture if you use other materials. When the floors are first installed they have a sheen and shimmer that is incredibly pleasing to the eye. However, as time goes on and more traffic crosses the floors you might begin to notice that they just aren't as attractive as they were before. If you want to reclaim the glory of your floors but don't necessarily need to replace them, take a look at why refinishing your hardwood may be the best choice.

Refinishing Is Fantastic For Scuff Marks 

One of the main problems you are probably experiencing with your hardwood floors is scuff marks. Although you might have a house rule instructing each person to remove their shoes before trekking across the floors, restrictions tend to become lax and when this happens the scuff marks can quickly accumulate. A home remedy might be a worthy cocktail if you are only dealing with surface marks. The real issue comes into play when the marks have breached the barrier and sunken down into the floor. At this point, you're going to need a better solution if you want your floors to look good again.

Refinishing is a process that involves removing the uppermost surface of your floor and applying lacquer and staining to what remains. Because the upper crust is no longer a factor you should find that the scuff marks and any discoloration become a thing of the past.

Boost Property Value

If you have been thinking about moving and plan to place your house on the market relatively soon, it's a very wise idea to have your floors refinished. Research indicates that hardwood flooring is a very desirable feature for home buyers but this likely won't be a very big draw if your floors are in bad shape.

Refinishing your floors before you put the home up for sale could allow you to command a higher price. You'll get to recoup the investment you made in the floors and proudly show off your house when candidates come to take a look.

Beautiful, glistening hardwood floors can make nearly any home look so much better. Get in touch with a flooring contractor to learn more about wood floor refinishing.