How To Maintain And Clean Epoxy Garage Flooring

If you're looking for a way to add an extra layer of protection to your garage's concrete flooring, as well as add visual interest, consider applying epoxy over it. Not only is epoxy flooring both durable and attractive, but it's also easy to maintain and clean. 

Epoxy is a resin floor system that you add over your garage's existing concrete and contains a mix of polymer resin and hardeners. It is typically applied over concrete flooring in several layers to create a smooth, seamless appearance. 

When it is properly cured, epoxy gives concrete flooring an extra added layer of protection against everyday wear and tear from vehicles and machinery, chemicals, and heat. Not only will it add life to your existing garage flooring, but it'll also give it an attractive shiny surface. You can also customize the look of the flooring as epoxy is available in a wide array of colors and patterns. 

After making the investment in your garage, protect your epoxy flooring by following a few simple rules:

1. Sweep it Up

On a daily or weekly basis, depending on how much action your garage gets, remove dirt and debris using a broom and dustpan. It's important to sweep up any rocks, stones, or other sharp items that may cause unsightly surface scratching. 

You can also use a shop vacuum to suck up any large areas of grit, such as sand or pebbles. Even though epoxy floors are tough and resilient, they are still susceptible to damage over time. 

2. Soak Up Spills

Clean up any spills as soon as possible to prevent staining, especially if you have light-colored epoxy floors. Use an absorbent towel or mop to soak up any liquids, especially chemicals such as gas, car oil, paint, and strong chemical cleaners.

Although water won't damage or stain the epoxy, soak it up to prevent slips and falls. Liquid spills can create a slick, dangerous situation on the sleek epoxy. 

3. Deep-Clean and Remove Stains 

On a monthly basis or a few times a year, such as during spring and fall, the epoxy flooring may need to be deep-cleaned. Use a liquid cleaner recommended for use on epoxy, or create your own cleaning solution using a mixture of ammonia and hot water. Make sure your garage is well-ventilated when using this mixture. 

Apply the cleaner to the floor using a mop, or work out any stubborn stains using a stiff brush. Rinse with plain water and thoroughly dry the floor after cleaning. 

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