Do Your Hardwood Floors Need Refinishing?

Wood floors are a major selling point for many homes, so it is important to keep yours in the best possible condition. After all, if you decide to sell your home down the road, those floors could help improve your resale value. Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with the way that hardwood floors should be cared for. Heavy traffic and improper care can lead to a need for refinishing to restore the surface of your floors.

Here are a few signs that your hardwood floors could benefit from refinishing. 

Deep Cleaning Did Not Restore The Finish

Sometimes, hardwood floors that look dull and dingy do not actually need refinishing but just need a deep clean with a proper hardwood floor cleaner. In most cases, it's best to leave this to a professional. However, if you try a professional deep cleaning and your hardwood floors still look faded, worn, and dull, that's an indication that it is time to have the floors refinished.

The Wood Is Scratched And Damaged

Heavy traffic, children, pets, and moving furniture can all contribute to damaging wood floors. When this happens, the most effective resolution is professional refinishing. The refinishing contractors will sand the floors down to remove the surface scratches and damage, then reapply a stain or coating for the finish.

There Are Cracks And Gaps Between The Planks

When your wood floor is installed, the wood planks should fit together tightly. Unfortunately, when wood dries out due to low ambient humidity in the air, this can cause it to shrink. Shrinking hardwood floor planks will crack and separate from each other. These cracks are often targets for dirt and debris accumulation, so addressing the problem is important. Along with sealing those cracks, your refinishing contractors will give the floor a new life. Then, you can install a whole-home humidifier to maintain proper humidity levels for your wood floors to thrive.

You Get Splinters In The Floor

If you walk on your floors barefoot or in socks, you might inadvertently get splinters in your feet from hardwood floors that need refinishing. The wood surface starts to deteriorate, making it vulnerable to splintering. A refinishing contractor can sand it smooth and then seal it to reduce the risk.

These are some of the key indications that your home's hardwood floors need refinishing. Talk with a flooring contractor to learn more about hardwood refinishing. They can help you get started.