Residential Vinyl Floor Installation — Great Tips To Consider Before Getting Started

Vinyl floors offer homeowners a lot of benefits. For instance, they're easy to take care of and look great. If you plan to set some up after making a vinyl plank selection, here are some installation guidelines to follow. 

Make Sure You Have a Flat Surface to Work With

One of the most important things you need to have success with vinyl floor installation is a flat surface. It will ensure each vinyl plank lays correctly and remains secure after you've placed fasteners through it. Go through the target installation area to see if there are sections you need to adjust before installation begins. 

You may need to drive fasteners down, remove them entirely, and sand areas that may be taller than surrounding areas. These preparations can give you a smooth installation to look forward to, regardless of which vinyl plank option you select for residential flooring. 

Choose a Pattern Before Placing Planks

Once you have a flat surface prepared for vinyl planks, now you need to decide what pattern you'll achieve with them. You have some great options to consider, including diagonal, grid, weave, and corridor. Probably the best way to decide is to look at examples.

You can see how each pattern looks and then picture each option in your home. You'll eventually come across a pattern that you love and can see having the biggest impact on your home for years. After making a selection, just stick to your pattern guide throughout the entire installation. 

Be Prepared to Cut For Odd Shapes

There will eventually be odd shapes you need for some vinyl planks, such as for corner pieces. As such, be prepared to do some cutting to get vinyl planks shaped properly to fit their assigned location. You don't need a lot of special tools to cut vinyl planks either.

A standard utility knife can suffice for example. Just make sure you mark where you need to cut and then score the marks so that you have an easy time cutting through vinyl planks without expending a lot of energy. You'll also be able to cut in a precise manner consistently thanks to these tactics. 

If you want to enhance your home's floors with vinyl planks, you may decide to approach installation all by yourself. Success is possible if you just take the time to prepare your floors, choose an orientation you'll remain happy with, and use the right tools when cutting these flooring materials. 

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