Benefits Of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are attractive and have a long lifespan, making them an excellent flooring option for your house. However, hardwood flooring can wear out over time due to heavy traffic or contact with hard objects that cause scratches. Thus, you need to maintain your hardwood floor accordingly to protect its longevity. One crucial maintenance process is refinishing. Here are the pros of hardwood floor refinishing. Improved Aesthetics When hardwood floors experience heavy traffic, the top floor layer may get damaged and appear dull. Read More 

Should You Get Natural Or Engineered Hardwood For Your Home?

Ready to replace the flooring in your home, but unsure if you should use natural or engineered hardwood? If so, it will help to know the major differences between these two popular types of flooring material. The Construction The main difference you are going to see between these hardwood flooring options is the construction of the material. When you buy natural hardwood, the material will have that wood throughout the entire thickness of the material. Read More 

Types Of Sculptured Carpet To Consider

If you like the idea of your carpet adding a vibrant look to the room, there are lots of ideas for you to consider. While some people will choose a bright-colored carpet to achieve this goal, others may feel as though they want something in tones that are more neutral. If you're in the latter situation, you might wish to browse some samples of sculptured carpet at your local flooring store. Read More 

Five Benefits of Stretching Your Existing Carpet

Quality carpets should lay flat, but sometimes they may become loose or develop wrinkles. The culprit can be due to improper stretching or insulation, or it can be a result of damages from the friction of heavy furniture movement or from heavy foot traffic. Fortunately, carpet stretching services are available that can help re-stretch a loose carpet so it is taut again. 1. Increased Longevity Wrinkles lead to more wear and tear on the carpet, which in turn reduces longevity and means you need to replace the carpet more frequently. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Refinishing Wood Floors In Your Home

Refinishing the wood floors in your home can create a fantastic floor if it is done correctly. Wood floor refinishing involves more than just sanding the floor's surface and coating it with a sealer. Hiring a flooring contractor to do the job is often the best way to get the floor you want in your home.  Old Wood Flooring Many homes have old wood flooring hiding under the carpeting or vinyl flooring that someone installed later. Read More